Better than ex works:

Retrofit sets by carboluxe


Why carbon?

  • Excellent electric conductivity thanks to carbon fibers made of pure carbon
  • Highly resistant to mechanical stresses, e.g. flexural fatigue or tensile load
  • Even heat radiation on the entire seat surface thanks to the use of high-quality carbon fibers. They are approx. 10x longer than the filaments in conventional seat heaters.

How do motor vehicle professionals and consumers benefit from carboluxe?

1. Our carbon heating mats can

  • be installed quickly and easily.
  • be shortened in length.
  • be cut out in the mid-section (anchoring channel).
  • Our big selection of carbon heating mats provides you the right heating mat for any upholstery.

2. In order to guarantee absolute safety and proven quality, we ensure

  • failure-free operation even when individual carbon fibers are damaged Thanks to the special honeycomb shape, the carbon fibers are linked close-meshed one between the other and extremely resistant to wear.
  • double safety We meet the requirements of the EU standard.
  • silver-plated contacts.
  • TÜV safety testing.
  • satisfaction of all EU directives.